Lifestyle Support

Do you need help with everyday tasks that you don’t find the time to do?

As an entrepreneur, a career professional, freelancer or a busy parent, getting everything done to run your business, household and life can be overwhelming.
You want to be able to spend your free time doing the activities you love most, but there can often be a lot on your to-do list.

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We can help your family and business life run more smoothly.

No task is too big, too small or unusual.

Areas we can help with, include:

  • Party & Event support: venue research; travel; accommodation; finding florists; cake makers;
  • Travel: finding holiday accommodation; arranging flights; car hire, chaffeurs or taxis; itineraries, passports, visas;
  • Shopping: food ordering; sourcing gifts; new appliances; event tickets;
  • Finding handy people: creating a shortlist of decorators for your office/home, graphic designers for your website, or workmen for repairs; or the perfect childcare;
  • Household Management: paying bills; dealing with cleaners, gardeners etc; decluttering; overseeing home improvements; dealing with post;
  • Research:  finding holiday venues; restaurants; gadgets; contractors;

Just get in touch to discuss what you need and we’d love to show how we can help.