Power Hour

Do you feel you just need an hour or two, to get to grips with a particular tech system or new tool that you’re trying to get your head around? Or maybe you just need a short sharp focus on an area of business to gain some clarity? Would you like advice on outsourcing before making a regular commitment?

Our Power Hours are the perfect solution to get focused help.

Maybe you would like to talk through a business problem you’re having that is taking up too much of your time, walk through a new app so you can just get going with it, or you would like to get some fresh ideas for your marketing to create more sales leads.

If you’re not ready to use a Virtual Assistant regularly but could still use some fresh eyes to help clear a sticky problem, we can help with a focussed tailored session.

What is a Power Hour?

A one to one video Zoom call for an hour. We will look to offer solutions, give ideas and advice or a practical training session to get you moving.

The call is recorded and sent to you after the session so you have something to refer back to.

Get in touch to find out more or book your Power Hour session here