How to avert a Merry meltdown

From Christmas calamity to Christmas calm 

I think it’s now ok to mention the ‘C’ word. The lead up to Christmas is gathering steam.

For those self-employed business owners in retail or hospitality, the weeks seem to speed up. November will be gone in an instant and the feverish non-stop season will soon be upon them. Hopefully it will be great for end-of-year profits, but they may be in a heap outside John Lewis on Christmas Eve, as they try and fit in their own Christmas shopping.

The rest of us are busy trying to get everything done on time, for our own work and business targets, before the New Year’s Eve bells chime. As well as finding time to catch our breath and actually think about our plans for personal celebrations over the festive period, where we’d like to be, who we’d like to be with and what bird we will be carving on the Big Day – Phew!

Stop the Calvary

Does the Christmas hustle and bustle mean you’re so busy with other things that your dreams of a perfect Christmas get lost in the rush of Black Monday? Are you planning to take time off and make merry with friends and family or wondering how you’ll even have time to stop to buy them a gift?

If the thought of dashing out for a last-minute bottle of sherry, from the local garage for the colleague/neighbour/brother-in-law doesn’t appeal or if you just like to be ahead of the game with it all under-control, it may be time to let someone else take the pressure off.

Cotswold Colleague are offering a bespoke Christmas Concierge Service to help you stay in control, cut back on the stress, enabling you to spend December with your focus where it needs to be.

Peace on Earth

Whether you are planning on a pre-Christmas trip with the spouse, a Boxing Day family jaunt in the UK or have a business trip to fit in before the festivities, our concierge service can do the hard work for you. Do you have to find hotels, flights or the best Pet Hotel for your pooch without you spending hours searching the web?

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas is the perfect time to show your appreciation to clients and colleagues.

Whether it’s hampers, gift sets, malt whiskey or chocolates, find the best gift options – within budget, place orders and organise deliveries to you or your customer’s address.

The Last Post

If the pile of Christmas cards, which you need to find time to write, includes ones for overseas, remember to make sure the last posting dates are met.  I can post gifts and write and address cards for you – stamp licking is extra!

If you’re local I can collect and even deliver cards & gifts, or I can simply send you reminders to keep you on the ball.

Christmas Dinner

Are you planning to dine à deux with champagne and a turkey crown or have extended family to accommodate around the dining table and need a turkey the size of an ostrich?

Do you need to find just the right trimmings, the perfect crackers, the best pub for Boxing Day lunch or a dozen extra chairs?

I can’t physically help you move the elf on the shelf every day, but I can give you ideas of where to put him and help with many of the other things on your list to help you reach Christmas Eve ready to prance with Santa & Rudolph!