How being a Facebook fan can make your Small Business more successful!

Does your small business really need a Facebook Business page?

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There’s currently 2 billion users of Facebook monthly!

Where else can your small business reach a wide audience? Where can you target the right demographic of potential customers you would like and directly share messages with your current network and follower?

Any business, no matter how small should consider advertising on Facebook.

In a world where social media is key in communication, not utilising the power of Facebook means you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. In social media Facebook is King!

Having a business Facebook page means you can build a following around your brand. It can create opportunities for your customers to discuss and comment on your services or products. It can also give your potential customers and clients to get know you, ‘Like’ you and trust you in the lead up to converting into a supporter and buyer of your brand. And initially it’s free.

With a successful page, you can make online sales, run effective advertising campaigns and increase the network of your business connections as people spread the word ‘virtually’ of your business.

What’s the difference between a personal profile and a Business page ?

When users get started on Facebook you set up a personal profile attached to their email address. As a personal user you can become friends with other personal profile users, share posts to friends, tag friends into posts and post updates in text and adding images.

Being a friend with another personal profile means that both users can see posts from each other. As a business owner you probably don’t want all your customers knowing personal information about you, seeing that photo of your child’s birthday party or you after 6 G&T’s on a Saturday night, so setting up a business page makes sense. You can choose to share valuable business information, hints, offers and images to the right audience.

Once your business page is created, personal users and other business pages can simply ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your page and keep up to date with the information you are sharing. The activity that you post or share will show up on the news feed of your followers and be seen by their Facebook friends, and if your posts are shared they can also appear on the newsfeed of the friends of your followers. The more your posts are seen the more visible your brand.

How can a business profile bring more customers?

On a business page you can provide information on your services, opening hours and location, ask followers to message, book now or call you as well having a link through to your website. Links from your website can also be shared onto your page with the thumbnail image – sharing from your blog like this one can encourage people to check out your website for more details. Another step to getting your customers to know more about you.

Looking at the Insights, you can see who likes your page, how followers are responding to your posts, as well their age bracket, location and other interests, giving you more information which can then be used to customise and target your updates and adverts.  CotswoldColleague - virtual assistant - Facebook business

Taking the step to place paid adverts on Facebook can increase your following by bringing your page and posts onto the newsfeeds of a wider audience. Organic posts without promotion may not reach all your desired followers and audience. Focussed adverts can be placed with details such as radius from your location, age bracket, male or female and specific interests so that you can promote your page and posts to a tailored market.

Having a Facebook page for your business helps you to socialise – putting the social into social media – with your audience, providing a two-way communication platform. Your fans can leave reviews, make comments and learn more about your company. In return, you can be collecting useful information from them to help you shape your page, plan your future content and develop your digital marketing strategy.

Creating posts, images and sharing links on your page doesn’t need to be challenging.

A Virtual Assistant can help you build your page and build your following.

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