Finding time to fit in exercise as a small business owner.

As a business owner, it’s important to look after your health so I spoke to my friend Nicky Hall from FitActive Personal Training about how I could fit exercise in around my working and here’s what she had to say….

FitActive Personal Training- exercise for business owners
Nicky Hall

I’m a personal trainer based in the North Cotswolds, specialising in women’s fitness, creating  exercise programmes that are tailored specifically to client’s needs and working on a 1:1 basis to deliver them.

I believe that whatever your age or level of mobility, you can gain improved strength, flexibility and stamina with the right exercise. Drawing on my qualifications and experience in working with clients who range from the prenatal to menopausal and beyond, I can offer fresh ideas for health and wellness. Movement in the way nature intended to tone your muscles to be fit for purpose – the purpose being all the things you want to do in life.

Being a small business owner requires your time and effort and life can be very busy. Investing in your health represents an investment in the most valuable asset your business has – you.

Sitting is damaging to your health

 It is rather upsetting to know that there is a direct correlation between the number of hours spent sitting down each day and the incidence of a range of chronic health disorders including:

  • Cardiac disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis

When we exercise, it generates energy. Our body releases endorphins and it lifts our mood and leaves us feeling less stressed. Feeling fitter also helps you deal with the day better and makes you more productive, keeping you sharper and more able to concentrate when problems do arise– a win all round for your business.

While nothing beats a dedicated bout of exercise for keeping body and soul in good working order, a hectic schedule means that sometimes, it is simply not possible to find the time to commit to a workout.

So, it’s an easy decision when you think about it – just get up and move around.  You don’t work every minute of the day, so instead of making yet another cup of coffee or scrolling through social media why not use one of those little breaks to fit in a few minutes of exercise.

If you must, set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour.  If you have a movement tracker, it may well do this for you but instead of ignoring those reminders, try some quick exercises.

Move it, move it

Small business owner finding time to stay healthy

If you’re office based, you can start with some simple stretches by your desk or if you are short on space, march on the spot. Raise your arms as you bring your knees up and keep a steady pace.

Want to increase the difficulty? Hold filled water bottles in your hands and move your arms up and down to your shoulders – working with free weights is hugely beneficial, especially for looking after the bones.  You have my complete assurance that you will not end up resembling any well-known muscle-bound celebrities.  That takes a lot of work and as we’ve already established, you just don’t have the time.

Take a jog up the stairs

Get out of your chair and climb the stairs, and then walk back down again.  Five times in a row will be enough for you to feel the blood moving through the veins.  Take the first couple of ascents nice and steady and pick up the pace for the third and fourth time, returning to a steady pace for the fifth one.  Increase your speed and number of ascents as you fitter.  Try taking the stairs two at a time as you gain confidence.

 Walk and talk

Need to make some calls – and catch up with colleagues during the day, then walking as you talk could be beneficial – if you’re office based, grab your coat and walk around the block. If you’re working from home, then pull on your boots, grab the dog, (or the neighbour’s dog) and go for a lunchtime stomp. There are schemes where you can ‘borrow’ dogs and walking at a quick pace and some stick throwing for 20 minutes could be just the thing to re-energise you and Fido. You can be back at your workplace revived and ready to tackle that project without the mid-afternoon slump.

Exercise can help you find that work-life balance

Schedule some time to spend on your own health and well-being and genuinely commit to it.  It is as important as meeting with your most valued clients.  Instead of exercise being just another thing on your to-do list, building it into your working week can be the essential activity that keeps your energy levels going and the momentum moving forward in life and work goals.

Tips such as these for keeping your activity levels ticking over are just that – keeping things ticking over at a base level so consider this:

  • Do some research or draw on your networking connections and find yourself a good local exercise class at a time that suits your schedule.
  • For more flexibility and an even better return on your investment, consider using the services of a personal trainer who can tailor sessions to meet your exact requirements as well as giving you new ideas for keeping in great shape on non-workout days.

Once you’ve made that booking in your diary, stick to it come what may.  Ask yourself what would your business be without you at the helm?  Your own health really is critical to your success.

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A big thank you to Nicky for sharing some of her tips on how to keep healthy and make that time to exercise. If you check out her website you will find lots more useful information, that may just give you the nudge you need to get up from chair!