5 ways a Virtual Assistant can help you through the Summer holidays

Cotswold Colleague- summer small business supportGet ready – the summer holidays are approaching!


For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, taking a holiday can feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth in the run-up to the eve of a holiday period.

If you have a weekend or even a week or two booked at your chosen destination, do you have a lengthy list of to-dos to complete before you switch off and relax?

A Virtual Assistant can be the answer, helping you unwind and giving you the reassurance that essential tasks will be dealt with, whilst you take your much-deserved break.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways a Virtual Assistant can help in the holidays.

1. Keeping on top of your emails

You may not ever reach a zero inbox but the thought of returning from your holiday to hundreds more emails in your inbox can be so depressing. We can keep on top of it for you, filtering out the non-important ones, ditching the junk, responding to the important or urgent ones and saving read-later ones for you to digest on your return.

2. Diary Management

Need to have appointments booked in for your return? You may be out of the office, but colleagues and contacts will still wish to get that next appointment secured. We can manage your diary in your absence, so you can hit the ground running.

3. Tackling Your To-Do List

Summer may be a quiet season for your business, making it an ideal time to tackle those little tasks that you never get around to.
You know, those jobs that never make it higher up the to-do list but can still be important to the functioning of your business.

A bit like reaching the bottom of your in-tray.

Maybe it’s finally getting all those business cards added to your database or clearing out those folders on your PC of documents which have long since been redundant.
In light of the new GDPR regulations, some house-keeping could be summer must-do task.

4. Social Media scheduling

Are you looking forward to switching off the laptop and zoning out from work for a week or two? However, you still need to keep up your presence on social media. We can schedule your social media content for you so that you don’t drop off the radar.

5. Last minute booking

Not managed to find the time to book anything yet? If you want to get away and just can’t, your Virtual Assistant can book your travel and accommodation, organise your restaurant bookings, book tickets to events and that must-visit attraction.
Whilst you carry on working up to the eleventh hour, we can set those plans in place for you to take that time out.

A Virtual Assistant can step into your shoes and help take care of your business in your absence, whilst you have some quality time and can return feeling invigorated and rejuvenated without the worry of what could be waiting on the desk when you get back.

There are many other tasks a Virtual Assistant can help you to enable you with over the summer, get in touch to find you what we can do for you.

Photo credit: Vicko Mozaro on Unsplash