When is the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Are you ready to outsource?

As a small business owner, 24 hours isn’t always enough, to complete all the tasks that are needed to keep your business going and growing. To Do -list- Virtual Assistance

Trying to do all the tasks yourself, whilst needing more time than you can conjure up, can cause:

disappointment – those missed opportunities on leads you didn’t follow up, unpaid invoices you missed paying;
disillusionment – less income than you had hoped for, less freedom than you envisaged from being self-employed;
frustration – insufficient time to devote to strategising business growth and could ultimately lead to burn-out – is it worth the stress and time that you could be spending doing something you love?

Releasing yourself from the mundane, repetitive or tiresome tasks, could be the key to the growth and success you wish to achieve.

When to reach out for help

You could try to work longer hours – were you already working weekends and evenings?
Or utilise some of the great productivity apps and tools that can help simplify your processes.

But sooner, or later you still find that a small business has too many tasks, that you don’t enjoy  – maybe organising travel, dealing with receipts or data entry; don’t have time for – sales calls, product inventory updating or online research Or don’t have the skills for – creating posts or managing social media pages.

When you are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed, and still have the burning ambition to follow your dreams, then it’s time you hired a Virtual Assistant.

If you released an hour a day or a week, what could you do with that time?

Does that allow you to take the children to school, knowing your morning Facebook posts are already scheduled? Or does that give more valuable time to meet with a potential client, knowing your inbox isn’t overflowing on your return?

Creating a relationship with a VA, who gets to know you and your business, can be the most successful tool in your business toolbox to elevate your business to reach your goals.

Work with a Virtual Assistant

It could be you need some general admin help, such as data entry into your customer database (CRM) and dealing with suppliers, creative help with writing a blog or generating content for social media platforms, or more advanced skills like updating your website and local SEO.

Some tasks can easily and quickly be outsourced and set up for a VA to work on in a matter of hours. Sharing through Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Docs can have you sharing documents in no time.

Others may involve some training and time on your part for the VA to get a full understanding of the task. Perhaps you work on a specific platform or with industry exclusive terminology forms that need more explanation and set up.

Time invested in finding the right support for the task, providing the necessary training, whether by providing document instructions, chatting on Skype or in person, or recording a how-to video, could reap rewards when the Virtual Assistant is working efficiently and productively.

Building a good working relationship, a Virtual Assistant can be the cost-effective help you are needing.

You set your business up with a passion and dream of the freedom and lifestyle that could bring.

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